Indian Idol 12: Anjali Gaikwad Breaks Silence on Her Elimination, Calls it ‘Shocking’

Anjali Gaikwad breaks silence: The fans of Indian Idol 12 have been in a fix over Anjali Gaikwad’s elimination last weekend. Now, Anjali herself spoke out on the same in her latest interview with a daily. The popular singer mentioned that she didn’t expect to be eliminated so early from the show and she was performing well.

Speaking to ETimes after being evicted from Indian Idol 12, Anjali Gaikwad said that she was expecting to reach at least the top five before elimination, if not winning the trophy. The singer called her elimination ‘shocking’. She was quoted as saying, “My elimination definitely came as a shock, and I didn’t expect that I would be eliminated so soon. I expected to reach the Top 5, but I respect the decision and the votes I got from all over India. I just want to thank the people who all loved me so much and voted for me. I am very grateful that I go so much.”

Anjali was one of the most loved contestants on the show. And most fans considered her a non-controversial contestant, the one who never got involved in a fake romantic angle or was part of any drama during her stay on the show. She was also the only contestant who was wholeheartedly praised by legendary musician AR Rahman when he had appeared on the show as a special guest.

She spoke about that moment and how she cherished that. Anjali said, “The biggest compliment that I received on the show was from AR Rahman sir who said that whenever I want to listen to classical music I watch Anjali Gaikwad and her sister Nandini’s videos. It is the biggest compliment of my life. I had never ever imagined in my life that a living legend like AR Rahman sir would compliment me. I will cherish this compliment for a lifetime. It was a kind of blessing for my sister and for me. My entire family was very happy and elated to hear it and I consider it an achievement.”

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