Anupamaa Major Twist: Shahs Head Back To Ahmedabad But Will They Stay With Vanraj-Kavya Or Anupamaa?

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, the Shah family will finally head back to Ahmedabad. Now, since Anupamaa has recovered after her surgery for ovarian cancer, the family decided to get back to their home. On the other hand, Kavya starts to pack her stuff and says that she needs to go back and secure her job especially when Vanraj is unemployed. She further tries to instigate Vanraj against the Shahs but he reiterates saying that they are his family and he will always be with his family, no matter what.


As Kavya continues with her drama, the Shahs go back to Ahmedabad but enter their home sans Anupamaa. Since, Anupamaa and Vanraj are divorced now, they lead two different lives separately. While Samar stays with Anupamaa, the other members of the family get united for the war with Kavya.


Even after being in Ahmedabad, the Shahs support Anupama but Vanraj wants the support of his family but Kavya only wants Vanraj. Meanwhile, Kavya will tell Vanraj and his family about their honeymoon plans. Baa shouts at Kavya for being shameful and speaking about her honeymoon in front of kids and the elderly. However, Kavya calls Vanraj ‘shameless’ that makes him give shout back at Kavya. Kavya even gets into an argument with Kinjal over a mixer where the former asks the latter to give her respect as she is her mother-in-law.

It would be interesting to watch what drama will Kavya unfolds once the Shahs are back in Ahmedabad.