Loki New Trailer Out: Marvel Finally Shows God Of Mischief is Gender Fluid As He Messes With Time

Loki New Trailer Out: Marvel’s popular villain Loki is all set to entertain his fans with his new thrilling web series ‘Loki’ on Disney+Hotstar. In the new trailer starring Tom Hiddleston, Loki finds himself in trouble with the time police known as ‘Time Variance Authority’, which keeps universes in proper sequence. The police place Loki under arrest for abusing time travel and he is stripped of his magical shape-shifting powers. The teaser also shows God of Mischief’s Time Varriance Authority file which read Loki’s Sex as ‘Fluid’. Interestingly, Loki’s non-binary identity was confirmed in the comic book, Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, where Odin introduced Loki as both his son and daughter, released in 2014. However, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has always refrained from making any such confirmation in its movies. Hence, it is a giant leap for Marvel to finally show that Loki is gender fluid.

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The show’s storyline is set after events depicted in the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame. The six-episode web series shows events just after the Battle of New York when he escapes from Avengers custody and steals the time zone known as Tesseract. Although he is dead in the main MCU timeline, the series follows the character in a new timeline as he vanished with Space Stone in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of New York.


Earlier speaking about Loki, Tom said in a statement, “You take Loki, who seems to always be in control, and you put him in an environment where he has no control at all, no power, no potency. He’s stripped of all familiarity.”

Talking about the character Loki, he is God of Mischief and a villainous character in the marvel universe but somehow manages to gain the sympathy of the audience as he turns into a temporarily good guy. Loki believes that he was wrong by his adoptive father, Odin and this is the reason why he is often engaged in a war against everybody he knows, including his brother albeit. The show features on June 9 on Disney+Hotstar and the episodes will release weekly.