Indain Idol 12: Zeenat Aman Suggests Shanmukha Not To Take Criticism To Heart, Asks Her To ‘Ignore, Ignore and Ignore’

Mumbai: Indian Idol 12 contestant Shanmukha Priya, who was recently trolled on social media for her performance, has now learned a lesson from the legendary actor Zeenat Aman. The actor, who is the special guest for this weekend on the show, suggests Shanmukha not to take criticism to heart.

In a promo, show’s host Aditya said that Shanmukha is too young and was recently hurt after people took to social media demanding her eviction. To this, Zeena Aman asked her not to think about it much. She praised Shanmukha’s singing skills and asked her not to take them to heart. “Shanmukha, please aap royiye mat. Dil ko bilkul mat lagana. Aap khaas ho. Aap apni talent ko pehchaante ho…more people love you than criticise you. But kuch toh log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna. Don’t even think about it. Just march on,” Aman told Shanmukha Priya. The legendary actor went on to say that such things used to affect her as well during the initial days of her career, but later on, she realised that what’s out there might not be true. “Mere khilaaf kya kya nahi likhte the. Us waqt social media nahi tha lekin akhbaar aate the. Aur main padhti thi aur poochhti apne aap ko ki yeh kiske baare mein likh rahe hain. Usmien ek katra bhi nahi tha sachayi ka (A lot used to be written against me. At that time there were no social media but there were newspapers. I used to read and ask myself who are they writing it about. It didn’t have an ounce of truth to it),” she said.

Recently, angry fans took social media demanding Shanmukha Priya’s eviction from the show and calling her performance ‘pathetic.’ However, in an interview to regional media, Shanmukha addressed the criticism and mentioned that she’s constantly trying to evolve and takes all this “with a pinch of salt.”