BTS Reacts To Covid-19 Relief Funds Raised By BTS ARMY in India, Says ‘We Are Together, Stay Strong’

South Korea: BTS ARMY in India has raised over Rs 20 lakh for the Covid-19 relief fund. It was previously reported that one of the Indian fanbases of the band raised over Rs 20 lakhs in just 24 hours to help those in need of medical resources during the second wave of coronavirus. In a recent interview with ENow, when the BTS is told about the relief fund raised by their fans, RM said, “Thank you for the beautiful ARMYs in India. We miss (you) and we hope that we could be there in front of you as fast as possible. Let us stay strong in these challenging times. Our prayers go to everyone currently fighting against Covid-19 and we hope to see you soon and safe.”

J-Hope popped in to add “ARMY do not lose hope. We are together with India.”

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BTS hasn’t visited India yet but has a huge fan-following here, popularly known as BTS ARMY. Last year, the band had said that they would travel to India once the pandemic is over. RM has also assured fans that BTS would visit India soon. RM continued, “We truly hope that the situation gets better as soon as possible. If the opportunity comes, I hope we can see each other like safely. We send our best wishes for India’s help. Many including Unicef are partnered for the Love Myself campaign, are sending their support as well. So we are aware that India is suffering badly from the pandemic. So after (it ends) we truly hope that we can be there and climb that things are over, we are here together right now.”

Earlier, BTS member V told PTI, “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.”

Through the fundraiser, the fans helped free oxygen cylinder suppliers, provide medical supplies and boost the kitchen that is providing meals to COVID-19 patients at home and homeless. The prime focus is three organisations – Anubhuti Trust – a non-profit organization/NGO formed and self-led by women, TYCIA Foundation, which is providing the most vulnerable communities with food ration packages by creating a network of ‘Enablers’ across India and Mazdoor Kitchen, that is run by a team of volounteers comprising of students, artists and people from the community itself. They are providing meals and ration kits to hundreds of people across North Delhi.