Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal Case: This is What Manveer Gurjar, Gaurav Chopra Have to Say on Their Fight

Mumbai: Ex-Bigg Boss 10 contestants Manveer Gurjar and Gaurav Chopra, who were with Karan Mehra in Salman Khan hosted the show, have reacted to Karan’s domestic dispute with wife Nisha Rawal. Manveer and Gaurav were Karan Mehra’s friends and colleagues in Bigg Boss. The winner of the show, Manveer,  quoted a tweet favoring Karan Mehra. He called him the most ‘caring and humble’ person he had come across in the controversial reality show. In the end, Gurjar advised Karan to stay strong and be patient.

Manveer Gurjar’s tweet read, “Correct! Totally Agreed.. I met him in Bigg Boss 10.. And MARK MY WORDS.. He was sooooooooo caring and humble. Hard time bro #KaranMehra StayStrong. Be patient.”

On the other hand, Gaurav Chopra didn’t take any side and just asked netizens to deal the matter with grace as they have a small son, Kavish. Gaurav also said that he doesn’t want the little one to get affected. He added that when the child grows up he doesn’t ‘want him to misunderstand my stance on this’.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Gaurav said, “There is a little child involved in this. When he grows up and reads all of this, I don’t want it to affect him. At least for the sake of the baby, for whom I really have a lot of affection, I would really want this to be dealt with grace and the differences can be sorted so that he doesn’t get affected. Tomorrow when the child grows up and learns of the current happening, I don’t want him to misunderstand my stance on this. He is very very dear to me and considers me as his “pastry chachu” (pastry uncle) as I get a variety of pastries for him and that’s how I would like it to be forever. As for Karan and Nisha, If there are any apologies remaining, any compromises to be made, any mid-way out that can help their relationship get back on track, then I think they should get it done.”

“I have been trying to sort it as a friend and I am somebody whose advice matters to them. So being in that position, I will do things respectfully and gracefully but yes at their speed. Also, knowing both sides of the story, I would rather do or say something that will reduce the problem than add on to it,” Gaurav added.