Karan Mehra Accused of Having Extramarital Affair, Nisha Rawal Says She Kept Mum to Save His Image

Karan Mehra-Nisha Rawal domestic violence case update: After Karan Mehra said that his wife Nisha Rawal has falsely accused her of domestic violence, the latter spoke out in an interview too. On Tuesday, in an interaction with a news leady, Nisha accused Karan of having an extramarital affair. She claimed that she has been putting up with his behaviour for a long time and even after knowing about his alleged affair, she decided to stay with him and have a conversation about it to try and make their marriage work.

Nisha spoke to ETimes in an interview and said that she has never behaved like a woman who would want to do any harm to her husband or her marriage. She said, “I learnt about him being involved with another woman around a couple of months ago. I saw his text messages to the girl, I saw them for myself. Even after that, I sat him down and told him to talk about it. I have not behaved like a woman who will rip a man into pieces. I asked him if he didn’t want to continue then no problem.”

The actor, who had participated with Karan in the dance reality show Nach Baliye, added that he has been assaulting her for a long time but she kept silent. Nisha said that she didn’t want to be the woman who stays silent in the marriage any longer and that’s the reason she decided to take the help of the police this time. “One of the charges filed by me against him is of domestic violence. I hadn’t spoken about it for so many years as I understand that his career and image are of utmost importance for an actor. Despite being considerate and compassionate, I have had to face something like this,” she said.

Nisha has added that she has ‘evidence’ to prove her claims of domestic abuse and that Karan has also not been taking responsibility for their child.

Meanwhile, Karan has denied all the allegations and has maintained that Nisha smashed her head in the wall and blamed him for the same while filing the FIR. He alleged that Nisha wants to end the marriage and take all his money but he can’t let that happen because the time is not kind to him financially and if he gives all his earnings to her, how will he survive.