Anupamaa Major Twist: Anupamaa Warns Kavya To Stay Away From Her Family After Vanraj Goes Missing

Anupamaa Spoiler Alert: In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, As Vanraj goes missing ahead of his wedding with Kavya, she gets devastated after learning about the same. She then goes to the cottage where the Shah family is staying and asks about the whereabouts of Vanraj. But, Baa tells her that he is not here as he left to wed her. All paranoid, Kavya then calls Anupamaa and asks her about Vanraj. Anupama, instead, shouts back at her in front of Advait and tells her to not bother her about Vanraj as she doesn’t know where is her dulha.


Kavya then gets angry and threatens Anupamaa that if she doesn’t come back to the resort, she will file a police complaint against her and the entire family. She then goes back to the resort but things get even worse for Kavya. Kavya tries to slap Samar and Anupama grabs her hand saying that if she thinks of harming her kids and her family ever again, she will break the mandap and make sure that the wedding never happens.


Kavya once again blames Anupamaa for Vanraj’s disappearance. Well, will Advait go and find Vanraj and make him understand.

Will Anupamaa help Vanraj to clear his mind?

It will be interesting to watch if Vanraj will get married to Kavya.