Meera Chopra Denies Procuring COVID-19 Vaccination via Fake Identity, Here’s What She Has to Say

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra’s cousin and actor Meera Chopra had been making headlines for using a fake identity to procure COVID-19 vaccination. A photo of an identification card was on social media which showed her posing as a frontline worker. Politician Niranjan Davkhare had also shared a picture of the identification card and mentioned that the matter should be investigated. Reacting on the same, Meera issued a statement: “We all want to get vaccinated and we all are trying our best to do that. Similarly, I also tried trying asking help from people I know and after 1 month of trying I was able to get myself registered in one of the centres.”

Meera Chopra continued, “I was just asked to send in my Aadhaar card. The ID that has been floating on social media is not mine. I was asked for my Aadhaar card for registration and that’s the only ID I gave. No ID is valid until it has your signature. I myself, saw that so called ID card for the first time, when it came on Twitter. I totally condemn such practices and if any such ID has been made I would want to know how and why.”

Read Meera Chopra’s statement here:

Meera Chopra's statement

Meera Chopra’s statement

A few days ago, Meera had shared a picture of herself getting the COVID vaccination.

In May, Meera lost her two family members to Covid-19. She blamed the lack of medical infrastructure in the country that took their life away, instead of coronavirus. She shared, “I lost two very close cousins, not because of Covid-19 but because the medical infrastructure has totally crumbled down. My first cousin couldn’t get an ICU bed in Bengaluru for almost two days, and the second one died after his oxygen dropped suddenly.”