Indian Idol 12 Controversy: Manoj Muntashir Slams Amit Kumar For ‘Taking Money And Then Criticising The Show’

Indian Idol 12 controversy: Lyricist Manoj Muntashir has been judging Indian Idol 12 with Anu Malik for a few episodes now. Ever since late singer Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar appeared on the show and criticised it for scripting the performances, several people have spoken out in the show’s defense. After the show’s host Aditya Narayan, Muntashir now says slams Kumar’s decision of speaking against the show after taking money from the makers to appear as the chief guest in one of the episodes.

In his latest interview with ETimes, Manoj Muntashir mentioned that the guests sometimes judge the contestants unfairly and too strictly and that’s the reason they are now told by the makers to look at the positive picture while commenting on their performances. He said, “The guest judges who’ve come on Indian Idol 12 have no clue about what’s happening on the show and they go on to criticise every little thing about the contestants. They criticise them beyond belief- ye galat ho gaya, woh galat ho gaya, you are nobody, you cannot do this, how will you sing in front of a crowd or a filmmaker.”

Indian Idol 12 controversy: Chief guests are too harsh in their feedback to the contestants, says Manoj Muntashir

Muntashir added that to avoid this harsh criticism that tends to demoralise the contestants on the show, the makers tell the guests about being soft in their feedback after performances. “So, the guest judges are told that they need to look at and talk about the singer’s positives too. This instruction has been given to me too,” he said.

Amit Kumar should have left the show if it was so problematic, says Manoj Muntashir on the Indian Idol 12 controversy

The Teri Mitti lyricist is of the opinion that Amit Kumar shouldn’t have talked about this after he took the money and enjoyed the show. He said had he been at his place, he would have chosen not to be a part of the show he didn’t like than taking the money and criticising it later. “He took money for being a part of the show and then criticised it. I wouldn’t have done what Amit Kumar did. If I was in his place and not comfortable with the proceedings, I would have told the makers that I don’t want to be a part of the show,” he said.

‘Nothing wrong’ in Neha Kakkar singing Kishore Kumar’s songs

Muntashir also defended judges Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya, and Vishal Dadlani after a section of the audience felt that they ruined the Kishore Kumar numbers on the show by performing them. The lyricist said that they were trying to celebrate the legacy of the legendary singer and not trying to ‘sing like him.’ “If I sing Kishore Kumar‘s songs in my bathroom or amongst my friends, nobody can tell me that I can’t sing like him. I know I can’t, nobody can. Whatever Neha and Himesh sang, they did to celebrate Kishore Kumar and it should have been taken in the right spirit. There was nothing wrong in what they did,” he said.

Sunidhi Chauhan says she quit judging reality shows because performances are doctored

In another interview, popular playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan, who has judged the show for a few seasons in the past, spoke about the entire controversy. She said that the performances are doctored sometimes and a lot happens in a reality show which is absolutely not real. Sunidhi also mentioned that even she had been asked to praise the contestants in the past and that’s the reason she had to stop herself from being associated with the reality shows. She was quoted by ETimes as saying, “Not exactly this ki sabko karna hai but yes, we all were told (to praise). That was the basic thing. And so, I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t do what they wanted and I had to part ways. Hence, today, I am not judging any reality show.”

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