BTS Butter: Boys Flaunt Their New Hair Colour In This New Photo Teaser

South Korea: BTS has shared a photo teaser of their upcoming single ‘Butter’ which is set to release on May 21. While all group members look stunning in this new photo teaser, one thing that grabbed ARMY’s attention is their never-seen-before hair colour. Every member of the group can be seen flaunting their look as they wear charming suits.

ARMY is completely loving BTS boys’ new hair colour. Several fans also took to the comment section showering love. ”OMG is that a ponytail Jungkook???!!!!” one of the ARMY members wrote while another member commented, ”OMGGGGG Jungkook with purple tied hair.”


‘Butter’ will be the group’s second English song after last year’s mega-hit, ‘Dynamite.’ There are several speculations regarding this song with fans also expecting to have the phrase ‘Smooth Like Butter’ in the new single.

Earlier last month, the South Korean band released an hour-long logo trailer video for ‘Butter’. The video shows an animated pat of butter melting for an hour. In the background of this melting butter, one can hear certain sounds including kitchen noises. The video received over 12 million views on YouTube. Apart from this, BTS is also using a platform called for the promotion of the song. This site offers BTS fans (also known as its ARMY) to create their own butter card. All you have to do is to fill in your name, city and country in the form.

Are you excited for BTS’ Butter?