‘Better To Be A Chota Rajan’: Irrfan’s Wife Sutapa on Losing Relative Due to COVID-19

Mumbai: A few days ago late Irrfan Khan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar penned a note, expressing her anger at losing a relative due to COVID-19 in Delhi. In a Facebook post, she mentioned about not being able to secure a hospital bed for her relative in Delhi, because he wasn’t ‘Chhota Rajan’. Sutapa wrote: “I posted day before for help for my relative Sameer Banerjee. Today he left us .We couldn’t set up an ICU at home in Delhi the capital of India. and we couldn’t get a bed in the hospital. My gratitude to all the covid warriors who helped . I will never forget you all ,my belssings to you all till I live, I will never forget sameerda’s smile ..i will cherish my adolescent memories with him.

Sutapa’s anger is justified. She further wrote: “I will never ever forget that I couldn’t get a bed in ICU for him because he was not chotarajan. He was an honest man. I will not forget this mayhem in Delhi. You don’t forget too that Banerjee sheikhs das adjanias all have to go and they could have stayed with us all a bit longer if we would have concentrated as a country more on hospital oxygen plants then hindu festivals and muslim festivals.”

Late Irrfan’s Wife Sutapa Sikdar Shows Anger on Losing Relative Due to COVID-19

Late Irrfan’s Wife Sutapa Sikdar Shows Anger on Losing Relative Due to COVID-19

A few days ago, Sutapa had shared a memory of the late actor- a day before Irrfan’s death. She wrote, “Last year tonight me and my friends sang songs for you,all your favorite songs. The nurses were looking at us strangely as they were used to religious chants in critical times but I had overdone that for you irrfan morning evening and night for two years and since they told me it was time I wanted you to go with memories you loved …so we sang songs….next day you left for the next station I hope you knew where to get down without me”, said Sutapa.

Sutapa also revealedIrrfan’s death time was 11:11 on April 29. “How exactly does one swim this huge ocean of time. The clock had stopped. At 11.11 on 29th April for me. Irrfan you had a keen interest in the mystery of numbers . .and funny you had three 11’s on your final day. some say actually many say this is a very mystical number 11/11/11.”