Chaploosi! This Word Comes To Alaya F’s Mind When She Thinks of Kangana Ranaut

Mumbai: Actor Alaya F was recently asked to share the word that relates the most with the given celebrities. In an interview, she was given names such as Alia Bhatt, Kangana Ranaut, Sara Ali Khan, and Kartik Aaryan. When she was asked to share a word that she relates with Kangana, she said ‘Chaploosi (bootlicking). She said, “Not this word for her but this is the word that comes to my mind because she says it a lot. ‘Chaploosi (bootlicking).”

To refresh the minds of readers, Kangana’s team, in the past, used the word ‘chaploosi’ for Swara Bhaskar after she defended Karan Johar. She further suggested that Sushant Singh Rajput’s career was sabotaged because he did not know to stroke the egos of Bollywood bigwigs. Kangana tweeted, “Swara while doing chaploosi pls don’t forget Kangana graced the show after many requests, she was the superstar and KJO was the paid host it is not for him to remove anything if channel wants it, and her voice needs no KJO to reach people.”

Meanwhile, Alaya was all praise for Alia Bhatt when asked which word relates to her the most. She said, “Uff, she is just too good! I saw her Gangubai trailer at least… We (she and host Renil Abraham) have seen it together, I don’t know how many times, so imagine how much I saw it on my own time. We have seen, like, a bad trailer and then we are like, ‘Let’s just watch Gangubai to refresh our minds. We have to clean it out.”

Alaya associated the word ‘namaste’ for Sara Ali Khan before saying ‘cultured’. For Kartik Aaryan, she chose ‘Dhamaka’ which is also the name of his upcoming film.

Last year, Alaya F made her debut with Saif Ali Khan starrer Jawaani Jaaneman. She also won the Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for her performance in the film.