Ayub Khan Down to ‘Last Pennies Now’, Says he Will Ask For Financial Help if Lockdown Goes on

Mumbai: The worst times are back and a situation that has gone graver than last year is lingering on our heads due to the ongoing coronavirus scare in the country. Maharashtra is one of the worst-hit states in the country where Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has also announced a 15-day lockdown with no film and TV projects permitted to shoot. This has left the actors with hardly any other source of income. Actor Ayub Khan spoke about the same in his latest interview and mentioned just how if the situation persists, he would have to ask people for financial help.

The actor is best known for his character Jogi Thakur in the Colors TV show Uttaran. While speaking to Hindustan Times, he said he is currently making things work with his savings but he will soon grow out of it and that’s the time he fears the most. “I haven’t earned any money since the last one and a half year, and am down to the last little pennies now. God forbid, if things go from bad to worse, one will have to put out a hand for help. What else can you do?” he said.

Ayub also talked to Times Now and revealed how his family is not spending a lot and trying to save for the future but if the lockdown gets extended and the shoots continue to remain halted, they will have a huge financial crisis to deal with. “If God forbid, I have to sit back for another year-and-a-half or whatever then I will definitely have a big problem on my hand. We are not spending too much as we have to be careful about it,” he said.

With the COVID-19 lockdown in Maharashtra, many production houses have moved out of the state to continue shooting their regular episodes. However, not all TV shows are being shot currently. Meanwhile, Thackeray is reportedly expected to announce a strict lockdown in the upcoming days.