Late Wajid Khan’s Wife Kamalrukh Khan Moves High Court Against Sajid Khan And Mother in Property Case

Mumbai: Late music composer-singer Wajid Khan’s wife, Kamalrukh Khan, recently moved to the Bombay High Court regarding her husband’s will and property for the protection of her kids and her. She has gone against Wajid’s brother and music director Sajid Khan and his mother Razina. The HC directed the mother and brother to submit details of investments with the audited accounts of the same. Wajid Khan of the Sajid-Wajid, who passed away on June 1, 2020, had made his will in 2012. His wife Kamalrukh Khan has claimed that he had named her and their children as the only beneficiaries in Wajid’s property.

As per the reports, Kamalrukh Khan is also demanding interim relief, seeking a permanent injunction against Sajid Khan and his mother from estranging her or claiming third-party rights in the property. The Bombay High Court has asked Sajid Khan and his family to reveal details of Wajid Khan’s properties. Taking to Instagram, Kamalrukh Khan thanked the court for safeguarding his properties. On Instagram, she wrote, “The hon. High Court ensures that Wajid’s assets are safeguarded and instructs his family to disclose all assets. One step closer to getting my children their inheritance. Gratitude to the hon.High Court, Zubin Behramkamdin & Bahraiz Irani. #justice #gratitude.”

Kamalrukh Khan had come out to speak on the ordeal she went through after Wajid’s family allegedly tried to convert her. After Wajid’s death last year, Kamalrukh alleged that her musician husband had ‘threatened’ to divorce her in 2014 and they had been living separately since then. She added that her husband was a good man but he could get influenced very easily. “He was a wonderful man, a talented musician, but if there was one flaw in him, it was this: he wasn’t strong-minded. He could be easily influenced, especially in matters of faith. We used to fight about this, even after we had two kids. This was the narrative, day in and day out. The last straw was when he threatened to divorce me if I didn’t convert. This was in 2014,” she said.

Wajid Khan died of heart attack after being diagnosed with COVID-19. He had gone through Kidney treatments and was put on dialysis for a long time.