YES Bank Cadel Road branch surpasses Service level tests in times of chaos.



The recent RBI news circulation resulted in a chaos with customers of YES Bank. The branches were flooded with customers’ queueing up to be the first to make their 50k per month withdrawal. Despite the news channels coaxing customers to speak against the bank, none of them voiced their concerns. That’s the power of a happy customer!

Being a vintage customer of the Cadel Road branch, we have always found the staff to provide exemplary services. Recently too, a similar frenzy to the bank had occurred, which had a major fear psychosis in the customers minds. We at #AryemanSaysSo were party to the acid test (today) for the Cadel Road branch which has been serving us for years.

#AryemanSaysSo Verdict

Amazing and superfluous service by the entire team. The empathy quotient of sympathizing with anxious customers was note-worthy. The branch team ensured that senior citizens and ladies were given priority. Never at any juncture did they deviate from making any payments. A second cash replacement was asked for from the main office post 1 pm.

The Superstars of the day were Mr. Swapnil Jadhav (our relationship manager), Ms. Sarika Kamble (handling the cash desk with pitch-perfect patience) and the others.

YES Bank will surely bounce back and emerge as a winner. Hats off to the management for relentlessly taking pains to continue with the high service standards.