Have you tried Fruzante?

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Ciders are the simplest forms of alcohol manufactured by fermenting the natural sugars / fructose present in a fruit. In order to glamourize the ciders and fruit industry, Fruzzanté has released two new variants in its vegan beverage range made cider style. Instead of apples, Fruzzanté fermented Chikoo (Sapota) and Pineapple to create an impressive new range of cider style beverages which are all gluten-free alternatives.

Being the world’s first winery ever to manufacture a cider style alcoholic beverage from Chikoo, Fruzzanté has definitely made it difficult to resist the temptation to taste all these new variants. Not only this, Fruzzanté has also won a Silver Medal at “Drink Outside the Grape” challenge 2017 held in USA.

Fruzzante Original, Spice Garden & Pineapple are available at INR 255 for 330 ml bottles & Jiwa is priced at INR 195 for 330 ml.

Go ahead, fruit variants like Chikoo, Spice Garden (Cinnamon, Ginger, and Honey with Chikoo) and Pineapple bottled as Fruzzanté are waiting to be explored.