Relive your College days with The Timeliners’ ‘College Romance’

College years are undoubtedly the best in any youngster’s life. With a realistic portrayal and focus on the most meaningful relationship – Friendship – The Timeliners recently released its latest web series in partnership with Gulf Oil – College Romance. Hilariously tackling aspects of college life such as love at first sight and college pool parties to road trips with buddies, the show unfolds beautiful experiences of college life along with various other aspects of growing up as undergraduates.

The first two episodes for the series can be viewed here:

Speaking about the show, Writers Kunal and Abhishek said, “College Romance, as a series, was the outcome of an urge to narrate the love stories that we have lived. Being Delhi University students, the universe of the show came very naturally to us. It tells the story of three friends who fall in love. All of them think they are ‘adults’ since they are in college, but their actions tell a very different story. Amidst all the chaos and ruckus, the show draws emphasis on friendship. We are sure viewers will enjoy the College Romance.”