Music Producer Meghdeep Bose, Mrs. Asia Women 2018 Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa witnessed the celebration of Independence Day with Sumit khetan Dance Students Pan India

On the Occasion of 72nd Independence Day, Sumit Khetan an award winning choreographer is paying a tribute to the unsung heroes. Mr. Khetan is coming up with a new dance video featuring underprivileged kids from different states of India who are trained under his Dance Education Program. Under this program, kids obtain dance training and accommodation for one year at no cost along with an opportunity to work with the professionals.
On this occasion, our very own celebrities and socialites also gathered at Aksa Beach to encourage these kids. Mrs. Asia Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa, Music Producer Meghdeep Bose,  Singer Brijesh Shandilya attended this event.
The Event kicked off with flag hosting in presence of B-town celebs and Socialites. DEP students delivered a smashing performance depicting various facets of our glorious freedom struggle. When asked what Independence Day meant to Sumit Khetan he added instantly “Independence means live and let live. India is a secular country where everyone has equal rights to get opportunities in their lives. I have made a choice to give my best and encourage these students to follow their dreams. I appeal to all of you to play your part as responsible citizens and help the deserving ones to take their first step.”