Ekta Kapoor shifts gears with Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu!

High on the success of Veere Di Wedding, Ekta Kapoor has yet again switched gears with her next collaboration with Imtiaz Ali’s Laila Majnu! A classic love story, re-told with a mad passion.
8 years ago, when Hindi films were predominantly leaning towards love stories, Ekta’s LSD brazenly spoke about sex! A big taboo back then. ‘Everyone seems to be talking about love, why are we afraid to talk about sex.’ Seemed the new mantra!
Now, 8 years later she seems to turn the wheel around again! In 2018, ‘everyone seems to betalking about casual dating & hookups, what happened to Love’.!
Where films focused on heartfelt love stories and the concept of friendship, longing-mess, family drama and intense feelings were ‘in’, Ekta kapoor broke these norms and surprised everybody with ‘Love, Sex aur Dhokha’. She made it clear that apart from love, there are other factors in life too which need to be acknowledged and spoken about openly instead of just stereotyping them.
LSD turned out to be a revolution for the industry as post its release, filmmakers and actors opened up to the notion of sex, addressing it and not just limiting themselves to the much talked about feeling of love. Ekta kapoor, known for not playing it safe and backing risqué and unconventional films, successfully opened doors to conversations that were only subject to having behind the curtains.
Almost 8 years later with Ekta turning the wheel again this time, in the generation of casual dating, hook ups when everyone is talking about sex.. and no one is talking about love , Ekta, along with Imtiaz’s vision, is bringing back the genre of intense romance back with Laila Majnu. The narrative of Laila Majnu speaks miles about love, passion and the madness of love. We are enthralled by how Ekta takes the wheels in her hands to make a sharp turn in the industry time and again for her audiences.
Laila Majnu is presented by Imtiaz Ali, Directed by Sajid Ali and Produced by Balaji Motion pictures and Preety Ali’s Pi films, releases on 7th September