Snigdha A Akolkar birthday plans

Actress Snigdha A Akolkar who was last seen in Karamphaldata Shani ( Anjani)  will be celebrating her birthday on 3rd May. But the pretty actress has no specific plans for her birthday. She says,”Age is just a number to me. Every birthday I want to become healthier, wealthier and wiser. I don’t follow any birthday rituals but yes a self gift is must and this year I will give myself a spa as that will revive my body and soul.”
Snigdha Akolkar (2)Speaking on her fondest birthday memory Snigdha adds,”Post my 10th class final exams, I went to Sar Paas in Himachal for trekking, I went alone and met a big group there. I remember for a month we were out and they all celebrated my birthday at the basecamp in front of a campfire. It was a different feeling altogether. I will never forget that.” Speaking on her wishes and prayers Snigdha says,”I would like to work in a good film where my character has a scope to perform and that will also fulfill my creative hunger. I am working towards it.”