Rekha Rana shares her pre and post birthday plans, From Dubai to Bombay.

Rekha Rana’s trip to Dubai, calls in for a getaway birthday celebration with friends and even better idea of celebrations in Bombay).

Apart from being a part of multiple events in the past and surprising her followers by looking like a dream, Rekha Rana is also known for being a great friend to her close ones. Recently she was seen traveling to Dubai with her two close friends Imen (an international model) and Laurence (a famous French Tarot reader) who are based in Dubai and planned to have a birthday weekend together.

It’s Rekha Rana’s birthday today (24th April), but the pre-birthday session and the shenanigans seem to have begun some time ago, but it doesn’t stop there. Post the pre-birthday weekend celebrations, Rekha Rana is back in Bombay and has planned a lunch session with multiple old-age homes across Bombay to celebrate her joyous day followed by a small gathering of friends and close ones for the evening celebrations.

Such a great way to celebrate your birthday, isn’t it?