Bollywood Film Review – Beyond the clouds Rating – 3.5 stars Cinematically Artistic



By Aryeman

One has high expectations from Director Majid Majidi which somehow fail to impress. The pace of the film will surely not be welcomed by the Bollywood audiences.


Ishaan Khattar has done a decent job but has failed to manage to carry the film on his shoulder. He looks to meek in scenes where he is supposed to be threatening his boss or even in the violent scenes. His dialogue delivery needs to be worked on. Yes, he does have an infectious charm.

Malavika Mohanan is a carbon-copy of Deepika Padukone. She even apes her dialogue delivery not to just mention her looks. She has nailed it when it comes to high-octane emotional scenes.

Tannishtha Chatterjee is wasted in this miniscule role. Wonder why she opted to be part of this film. Or was it that her role was chopped off.

Original background score by A. R. Rahman is nothing to boast about. All his earlier films have elevated the tempo of the film but here he fails at consistency.

Majid Majihi has captured some wonderful moments, excellent locations and of course his directorial touches are memorable.

The cherry on the cake is the crisp and creatively cinematic shot-taking by ace DOP Anil Mehta. A wizard that he is, Mehta has taken this film to an international class.

Casting is super-perfect. Tannishtha’s child is almost like her and Akshi’s daughters are instinctively natural and endearing.

Box-office rating – Average success. Word of mouth will not go in favour since newcomers are there. Audiences may find the film pace too slow.