Abbas-Mastan supports Navneet Kaushik for his upcoming Marathi movie ‘MEE’

(Abbas-Mastan attended the music launch of ‘MEE’ to support the team, the trailer released on 12th of April 2018)

Marathi Cinema has been the talk of the industry for a while for its concept & representation and has always lived up to the mark for the audience. Tajela Films & Entertainment is one such banner which is bringing light to the real-life stories & empowering matter through their movie. One such concept is ‘MEE’ a Marathi movie produced by Tajela Bagade & directed by Navneet Kaushik. The movie revolves around women empowerment and shall see a team of talented actors like Aditya Deshmukh, Kamlesh Sawant, Anant Jog, Mayur Khandage and many more.

During the Music launch of ‘MEE’, the presence of Abbas-Mastan was also noticed in support of the movie. ‘’We are here to support the movie because it seems like a new concept and it must be seen by all. Such movie with a social message always inspires and empowers the audience and we need to spread such message with our movies’’ says Abbas-Mastan during the music launch of ‘MEE’

The trailer of this concept was released on 12th of April, 2018 and according to the source, the song has already been viral on social networking sites. The team is sure that the trailer shall be loved by the audience as well.