Fashion show review – Wrickie and Sheena Angrish – Rating 5 Stars Trail-blazer, Trendsetter, Top-notch!!


By Aryeman

Having reviewed zillions of fashion shows, the one that will be engraved and truly etched out in my mind always is the one of Jaipur designers Wrickie & Sheena Angrish. Amidst a host of other local Jaipur designers from Jaipur (besides the finale round by Bollywood designer Vikram Phadnis) at DNA Fashion Connect Season 3, Wrickie’s collection was mind-blowingly creative, outstandingly dramatic and truly wearable for sure.

BhBIc-9jJV7.jpgHe’s chosen to break the shackles and opted for a pure white look. In the high-profile world of fashion design, where the emphasis is increasingly placed on selling a dream rather than on describing the cut and construction of garments, Wrickie’s “The Royal Navy” collection look gave a larger-than-life arrogant demeanour. The cuts were stylized and Wrickie’s artistic rendering of the garments created the mood.

IMG_20180401_194732_789.JPGThe entire show was spell-bounding and frankly the perfectly crafted broaches that adorned the garments were the real show-stoppers. A sure-shot winner on hand, Wrickie & Sheena ’s designs will surely bid goodbye to the competitions usual jhataak styles that are camouflaged for elite functions.

White is definitely a winner and Wrickie for sure will be laughing all the way to bank!

Great work brother, hope to see more of your crazy-yet-the-art-nouveau-look with the cutting edge of modern style.