Short film review – Imtiaz Ali’s ‘The Other Way’ (Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films) – Rating – 4.5 stars

By Aryeman

He’s always broken the shackles of story-telling with his Bollywood films and managed to captivate his audiences. With his latest offering, this time a short film titled “The Other way”, noted film director Imtiaz Ali adopts a nouveau approach to unfolding the plot in a reverse manner. An interesting and unusual stance which works better only with the effective voice-over to make things easier for the audiences.

As the story unfolds, I couldn’t but help notice various inferences and similarities to the short film storyline with Imtiaz’s earlier successful film ‘Rockstar’. Both these films share a common thread line – the characters have resemblances of being unsure, confused and also having this streak of being bold and naughty. The desire to live a life which you couldn’t live coz of societal pressures is resplendent in the lead character Rewa.

The film’s opening scene has a wow element, just the perfect setting of a shaadi..done to the hilt. High production values surely enhance the overall emphasis on the story telling. A special mention for the excellent casting done by Mukesh Chhabra. Shreya Chaudhry’s twinkling eyes and bubbly persona lend the eclectic element of a bride battling with her inner self of the right choices. Pavel Gulati’s charismatic chocolately hero (a strong contender for Bollywood hero Karthik Aryan roles) and looks will surely garner loads of female adulation and plum offers.

On the directorial front, Imtiaz has crafted a sheer brilliance with the fine acting nuances from his actors. He’s always been a wiz at getting those twinkling eyes doing the talking and conveying the intricate emotions. The screenplay and dialogues have a good dosage of soft comic punches and camaraderie sharing which is a regular beat quite symbolic to today’s young generation. The climax or the ending leaves some pertinent questions which would actually get your mind ticking…that’s something which actually sparks of the success rate for a short film. Imtiaz Ali has hit the bulls eye in getting the audiences to question oneself of the insecurities, life’s choices and what makes you happy.