The timeless beauty of Marathi Film Industry, Ashwini Bhave, on the occasion of International Women’s Day did something which will make you feel in awe of her.

Ashwini is a naturalist who loves planting and nurturing different species of flora. She even has her own mini plantations in the backyard. She says, “We get genuine pleasure in everything we do with hard work. Planting the vegetables, taking care of them like your babies and seeing them blossom is out of the world feeling.” She has initiated a campaign titled ‘#TheGreenDoor’ that supports Kitchen Gardening in which she regularly posts video blogs (VLOG) using the same hashtag and it is doing the rounds of social media since quite a long time now. This ‘International Women’s Day’ was made better when the actor did an activity which involved gifting ‘White Peace Lily’ and ‘Mint’ saplings to the women in Fraternity with a beautiful handwritten note with a request to pass one of the two saplings to yet another woman whom the receiver idolizes. It’s indeed a wonderful beginning.

The actor says, “When it comes to gifting, I prefer giving them saplings as presents, which needs love to grow just like any relationship in the world. Just as it takes the proper care and nourishment for any sapling to grow, so as it takes the correct amount of love, respect and encouragement towards any woman to make her feel equal, courageous and independent. I salute each woman out there.”

Ashwini Bhave may be portraying a character of a docile woman on screen, but in reality, she is a completely different person. She has no qualms when it comes to voicing out her opinions towards the Women Empowerment.

More power to you Ashwini.