Sachin Gupta confirms why the #RiverAnthem should not be trolled.

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The River Anthem sung by the first lady, Mrs. Amruta Fadnavis, Directed by Sachin Gupta and produced by his venture leelaa has been the talk around the corners for a while now. It has stormed social media in terms of awareness and is bringing forward a social message for everyone. However, in the midst of awareness, questions have been raised about the CM, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis being a part of the video. Many people have been taking a troll over the video by claiming that the video has been made using the governments money.

‘’Not a single penny has been used from government funds or any tax payers hard earned money , its an intuitive Leelaa that i have started and after making video for rally for rivers, now i supported the river march of mumbai and next will be supporting the child abuse issue in our country.the whole point of all our efforts is to spread awareness in the masses about the conservation of river and how keeping it secure is a necessity. If we were making a featured music video, we may have considered to create a Bollywood number. But that wasn’t our agenda. The whole effort of bringing everyone together from their busy schedule is to aware the audience about the cause and ask them to help us in preserving the Rivers’’ Says the director himself, Mr. Sachin Gupta.

This is a social message and a huge step towards the awareness of river cleanliness and preserving it, and everyone has been swearing by the same.
And at Leelaa we will not stop here but keep coming with more videos and audios with different people to use media and entertainment as a medium to bring awareness to matter which need out outmost attention and can be rectifies by we the people our country.