Vidya Balan’s Holi favourites revealed!

When it comes to beauty and elegance actress Vidya Balan holds a special place and never fails to impress. She is proud of her ethnic beauty and widely admired for flaunting the traditional Indian style statement. The actress always gives us beauty goals and is known for her radiant skin and thick, shiny, voluminous hair. With Holi around the corner, we asked Vidya Balan what gets her into the spirit and makes the celebration a day to remember with each passing year. She reveals some of her beauty rituals, childhood memories and more in this tête-à-tête

Your Beauty Regimen: I don’t leave my house without massaging a Coconut-based Hair Oil onto my skin. I honestly feel that this is the most natural way to keep harmful colours away. Not just that, colour come off easy and the coconut based oil protects my skin from sun rays when I step outside! We make sure all the colours we use on Holi are organic. My mother always applies a Coconut-based Hair Oil onto our scalp & hair too. We realized that using a oil on hair works better to help those colours come off and acts a as protective layer between our hair and the colors

Your fondest childhood memory of Holi: Even before the main day, all the kids in my neighborhood would start throwing balloons at each other after school. The night before Holi, my father would painstakingly fill the balloons so we could run out with buckets full of balloons the next morning

That one Holi treat that makes your mouth water: While most people eat ghujiyas for Holi, my sister Priya would drive up to Sattu’s in Sindhi camp (Chembur) & get Imarti. I grew up eating them every year during holi and now Holi is incomplete without it! It’s become a ritual to gorge on them. When you are fully wet and unrecognizable, it tastes the best

That go-to Holi hair style: I am very particular about my hair. Before I step out, it needs to look great. Even with oil! I massage a Coconut-based hair oil into my hair, comb it well and then tie it in a loose braid. This way I am able to keep my hair away from my face and just enjoy the festival

Favourite Colour: Gulal! What else? We buy loads and loads of it and play majorly with gulal but love other colours too…waise bhi, what’s holi without a rain of colours

Vidya’s message for Holi: Have a safe and happy Holi and don’t forget to show your hair and skin some much needed love too!