Indian Premiere of ‘Evening Shadows’ in Bengaluru

Bengaluru International Film Festival will host the Indian Premiere of award winning filmmaker Sridhar Rangayan’s feature film ‘Evening Shadows’

After receiving critical acclaim and overwhelming audience reactions at its World Premiere in Sydney at the Mardi Gras Film Festival on February 25th, Sridhar Rangayan’s feature film Evening Shadows will screen in Bengauluru, his hometown.

The film will screen on March 1st at 2.30pm at the state-run Bengaluru International Film Festival, being held at PVR Cinemas, Orion Mall, Rajajinagar. It is playing in the Indian Cinema competition section.

“We are really excited at it premiering in Bengaluru because almost the entire film is shot in and around Mysore; so it is truly homecoming”, said Rangayan, “The story is set in Srirangapatna and shot at picturesque locations of Talkad, Karighatta, Balmuri, etc. The film has the backdrop of the culture and tradition of a Tamilian family in Karnataka and a family drama is woven around it”.

Evening Shadows is a film about a mother and son bond that is put to test when the son tells his mother that he is gay. Being from a small town conservative patriarchal family, the mother’s love for her son is put to test. The film has received a UA certificate.