Urvashi Rautela is not a new name to us so as Hate Story series is not something new for audience.  Bollywood can go ga-ga over the performance of new Hate Story franchise in box office or how much moolah is coming to distributors’ pocket but why this time the beauty Queen Urvashi got a thriller in her career that can be a spark to search for any Astro enthusiast.

Ever since her Mars Time started, who is in Ardra nakshatra, gave her a complete new genre of film with a tag line ‘Hate will be back, darker than ever’. Audience will have to consider Hot and Beautiful Urvashi Rautela in Hate Story 4 as the bonus with the intrigue story line.

Her Venus will always help her to get glamourous, rich girl roles. Urvashi’s coming time is going to be very busy with lots of film and creative work in her basket. Specially around June 2018, she will be getting lot of good opportunities to work in many prestigious projects. Except some minor health issues, she will be doing fantastic in coming one and half year impressing critics and the box office alike, that will make her a frontrunner.

During above mentioned time Glam queen Urvashi will be noted for performing a diversity of types in a span of feature genres—from modern amorous farces to felony dramas says Astro Sharmistha.