Rohit Purohit reveals the secret to his well-chiseled body

The handsome hunk Rohit Purohit has been winning a lot of praises for his stellar performances as King Alexander in Sony Entertainment Television’s magnum opus show Porus. For one of the episodes the actor shot for a sequence where he had to immerse himself in water, Rohit’s well-chiselled body looks spectacular on screen. Amidst the lavish ambience of the set his six pack abs and golden tresses were nothing but a feast to the eye.

On being asked about his fitness routine the actor shares, “I have got a lot of compliments on my look for Porus and I am very grateful for the same. I am thrilled that people have loved the way I look because this was something new for me. I want to thank everyone for supporting me by loving my character in Porus,” He also adds that, “For a show like Porus, you need to be in perfect shape. Even an inch of extra fat here or there looks ugly. I made sure to work out regularly before the show and continue to do that even now. I hit the gym whenever I get time in the day, even if it means after a long day of the shoot,” he says.

The actor adds that a good diet is also important. “I also eat a balanced diet and make sure to take in all the nutrients. I have dry fruits and nuts in between for energy and try to have something every two hours,” he says.