Hema Malini recreates an iconic Sholay scene after 43 years on DID

Dance India Dance- Hema Malini with Master Marzi Petonji and Mudassar Khan 2.JPG

The evergreen actress’s beauty captured everyone’s hearts once again as she stepped on to stage draped in a beautiful golden saree, proving that she is the undisputed Dream Girl of Bollywood. In the presence of the legendary actress, the contestants were excited to display their talent and win her praise. Hema ji showered each contestant with praises and commended them for their passion. Master Mudassar Khan who is Hema ji’s huge fan, requested her to enact an iconic scene from her blockbuster film Sholay. Sportingly accepting Mudassar’s special request, the veteran actress hopped onto a Tanga and recreated the magic of the scene where Basanti first comes face to face with Jai and Veeru 43 years after the film released. Adding to the moment and helping Hema ji bring the scene alive, Master Mudassar and Master Marzi played the roles of Jai and Veeru respectively.