Bollywood film review – VIP-2 Lalkar Rating – 2 stars Entertaining in parts


By Aryeman

When you have a deadly combo of Dhanush and Kajol in the film, you are tempted to watch it. Somehow the film fails to impress you fully.

Dhanush is a joy to watch – he fights, he dances and one almost notices him going the Rajnikant way. The first half has some interesting moments which showcase Dhanush’s talent.

Kajol does stand out but her dubbing goes for a toss in some scenes. She is elaborately dressed-to-kill but the scenes do not give her character so much of a punch.

As usual, the second half drags a bit. The success, the winning and the ultimate patch-up in the climax are a let-down.

Overall, the film is a complete package for the masses. Somehow the combo does not have a volcanic effect!