Ankit Gera’s trip to Guwahati..

Recently Actor Ankit Gera who is currently working in Agnifera went to visually stunning the north eastern states of India. He says,”I went to Guwahati for work then I took a day off for Shillong and Chirapunji. I desperately wanted to visit Kamakhya temple for so long, I have heard about that place a lot.” Ankit managed to convince the production and creatives to give him two days off. Speaking on the importance of a holiday Ankit says,” It’s very important for us to take breaks because our schedules are too monotonous and tiring at times mentally and physically both. So it is just like a refresh button on the monitor. And the best thing is that you get to meet new people, not to forget the love from the people who watch your show. Its always a pleasure meeting fans and clicking pictures with them for my memories.” Ankit also adds,”The advantage of travelling alone is that no one rules over your schedule and the disadvantages are that, there’s nobody to take care of you if there is any problem so you are the whole and sole of your trip”.