Fitness enthusiast Parull Chaudhry’s perfectly toned body is an envy of many. The actress does not have an iota of fat on her arms; her abdomen is amazingly flat and her flawless complexion completely defies her age. Speaking about her journey of fitness, Parul says, “I have been doing yoga since 2003. It started as a new year resolution but I got hooked on to it. I loved how my body transformed and became flexible with each passing week. The glow on the face was an added advantage. My dad has been doing yoga ever since I remember but I only started taking him seriously when I saw my role model Shilpa take to it in a big way. My dad is a yoga teacher now. I am reaping its health benefits too. In fact, I feel happy if I inspire more people to do it. The health benefits are both internal and external. It’s like the cleansing and purification of your body and mind. Now I can’t think of a single day without yoga.”