Varun Sood learns a new sport for MTV Big F Season 2

MTV Big F Season 2 is known for being bold and edgy. The show is not only covering issues related to women’s emancipation and liberation but in a way giving them the courage to express themselves. In the upcoming episode of MTV Big F Season the very hot Varun Sood will be seen romancing Mansi Shrivastava.

Varun will be playing a footballer on the show and his raw sex appeal with athletic ability will be seen dominating on the soccer field while Mansi Shrivastava will be playing the role of a washerman’s daughter who has a keen interest in learning the game of football. What’s interesting is that Varun had to learn the sport before he shot for the show.

Commenting on learning the sport, Varun Sood said, “I am a basketball player and I had to play a footballer. I had no idea how to kick a ball, how to shoot, how to dribble and obviously I didn’t want to look like an idiot on camera. So a day before the shoot I was on the internet watching football videos on how to kick, how to dribble and how to look like a footballer. When I went on the sets and I was playing football, it was very new to me. As the shooting went on I started enjoying the sport. It was a lot of fun I have only done reality shows but this was very different. It was a very nice experience and very exhausting. I would love to do something of this sort again.”