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Will Korkut realise his true feelings for Ceylan?

Mumbai, March 2017: Audiences across India are loving the newest Turkish blockbuster from Zindagi. This week on ‘A Love Story’ we see that Korkut’s hatred for his mother has magnified and now his sole purpose in life is to take revenge on his mother by ruining his half-brother Tolga’s life. As a part of his plan to hurt Tolga, he decides to use Eda but things don’t go as planned and Ceylan ends up paying the price in the revenge game.

Ceylan is left devastated when private photos of her and Tolga are leaked to the press. Seeing Ceylan upset, Korkut feels bad for unintentionally getting Ceylan in trouble.

Will Korkut realise his feelings for her? Will he be able to get his revenge on his mother?

‘A Love Story’ centres around a young man named Korkut Ali who was left at the doorstep of an orphanage by his parents in Istanbul, adopted and orphaned again by his foster parents who lost their lives in a road accident after moving to Germany. Since then, this orphaned boy being on his own turned to crime to make himself a living. A freak accident leaves Korkut will only a year to live. With very little time left in his life, Korkut leaves Germany for his native Istanbul to find his mother. However, Korkut’s world shatters again when he finds out that his mother, is a very well-known singer of the country who is living a luxurious life with her famous singer son, Tolga. Devastated with this revelation, Korkut decides to seek revenge from his mother and brother, but destiny brings love into his life. Will love absorb all the darkness from Korkut’s life and conquers the hatred in his heart.

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