Anirudh Dave (YARO) and Shubhu Ahuja takes part in Mumbai dance talent competition in Dheeraj Kumar serial YARO Ka Tashan.

Yaro Ka Tashan under the banner of creative eye Ltd produced by Dheeraj Kumar, Zuby kochhar , Co- Produced by Sunil Gupta is marching ahead gloriously on SAB TV. The new episode will have dance competition.Anirudh Dave and Shubhi Ahuja will also participate in this competition.Gopi Bhalla as Goga Kapoor playing the role of Sanjana’s father along with Monica Castelino the flirtatious mother of Sanjana is also being introduced in the show shortly. A quirky comedy with lots of fun , masti, mazaa and frolic in the coming episodes shall win the hearts of viewers young or old, it shall be a fun-filled for one and all.