A starry turnout organized by Anu Ranjan

The Governor Vidyasagar Rao praised the contribution of Hindi cinema & called it the greatest exhibition of Indian culture & values. He said actors like SRK do a great job in promoting Indian art & culture worldwide through their immense popularity & reach across countries.

Rekha said SRK puts in a lot of soul in his performances on screen which is why he connects with the audiences the way he does.

Simi Grewal said SRK is capable of portraying a hockey coach, lover boy, action hero & even a ghost on screen with so much conviction that he can pretty much play any roles.


It was a Breezy affair with Gillette Venus and brand ambassador Deepika Padukone as they launched the revolutionary razor ‘Venus Bre eze’. Making their presence felt at the event were shaving advocates Neha Dhupia and Soha Ali Khan who shared their first brush with the category. Also in attendance was celebrity dermatologist and Venus Expert – Dr. Rashmi Shetty who enlightened the audience on benefits of shaving while busting common myths that surround the category.

Short film review – White Shirt Rating – 4

By Aryeman Raj

Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films releases Sumit Arora’s latest short film –‘White Shirt’. It’s a short film about relationships by Sumit Arora starring Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra.

Writer, director Sumit Arora comes up with multi-layered script which keeps the viewers engrossed. Fine production values, a brilliance in extracting performances from his actors and a sorted approach to his story-telling techniques are the hallmarks of this film.

Sumit ensures that he doesn’t follow the done-to-death and highly predictable and clichéd scenes which have been earlier shown in short films or in Bollywood. The relationship scenes, be it the happy ones or the ones when the relationship has gone sour touch your heart strings. You almost feel that you are reliving those moments when your own personal relationship was in some kind of a fix.

On the acting front, both Kunal Kapoor and Kritika Kamra have portrayed every varied emotion with equal ease. The highlight is the song in the climax which signifies the emergence of a new horizon in the lives of the couple.

A must watch for all who are in love, forget just being in a relationship. This film teaches you to love your mate more truthfulness and honesty.

Bollywood Actress, Neha Dhupia launches – CENTRiC Smartphones

Bollywood Actress, Neha Dhupia launches – CENTRiC Smartphones

Mumbai, February 16, 2017: Bollywood Celebrity Neha Dhupia launched ‘Centric’ Smartphones – by Priyanka Communications India Pvt Ltd, at a gala launch event held in Mumbai at The ITC Maratha which ended with a great fanfare.
“Stylish is Affordable! This is the thought that comes to my mind after seeing CENTRiC smartphones. I’m happy to be a part of this launch as it feels great that our tech savvy youth have such premium looking phones with such incredible features to look forward to, that too within their budget.”,she said.

The smartphone-launch event, which was presided by Mr. Manish Agarwal, MD of Priyanka Communications India Pvt Ltd, was attended by almost 300 distributors from all over Maharashtra and a host of other dignitaries from the Telecom Industry.

Lee Jeans unveils Jacqueline Fernandez as their Brand Ambassador! Lee also launches their latest product innovation – Body OptixTM

During the event, Jacqueline mentioned that “Denims have this soft corner in all our hearts and these pairs are such a great companion of our growing up years. Lee is most definitely a synonym of denim as the brand has been here for over a 128 years because of innovators, ideators and master craftsmen as part of their team,” she further continued, “So there was no second thought, I mean who would think twice before signing up with a global Icon like Lee – at least I wouldn’t!”

चित्रपटसृष्टीतील दिग्गज कलावंतांनी साकारलेल्या रिचमंड एंटरटेंटमेंटच्या आगळ्यावेगळ्या म्युजीकल ‘फिलिंग्स’

मनाचा थांगपत्ता लावणं कठीणच. कधी प्रणयात बेधुंद रंगणार, तर कधी पावसाच्या सरीमध्ये ओलचिंब होऊन भिजणार,कधी आपल्याच गुंत्यात खोलवर गुंतणार तर कधी बेभान होऊन स्वैर जीवन जगणारं.मानवी भावनांचा वेध घेणाऱ्या अश्या दर्जेदार गाण्यांच्या यादीत रिचमंड एंटरटेंटमेंट प्रस्तुत ‘फिलिंग्स’ या म्युझिक अल्बमचा देखील समावेश होतो. १२ दिग्गज गायक आणि चित्रपट कलावंतांचा समावेश असणाऱ्या या अल्बममध्ये प्रणय,विरह,श्रुंगार,प्रेम,प्रोत्साहन आणि पाऊस या थीम्सवर आधारित गाणी आहेत. विशेष म्हणजे, श्रेया घोषाल, स्वप्नील बांदोडकर, बेला शेंडे, आदर्श शिंदे अशा नामांकित गायकांचा आवाज या म्युजिक अल्बमला लाभला असून मराठी चित्रपट सृष्टीतील दिग्गज अभिनेते महेश मांजरेकर,सचिन खेडेकर,जितेंद्र जोशी, अवधूत गुप्ते, संतोष जुवेकर प्रिया बापट, स्पृहा जोशी, आणि तरुणाईची धडकन सोनाली कुलकर्णी या कलाकारांच्या आवाजाची जादूदेखील आपल्याला अनुभवायला मिळणार आहे. नुकतेच या म्युजिक अल्बमचे अंधेरी येथील ‘द क्लब’ मध्ये मराठीचे अष्टपैलू कलाकार सचिन पिळगावकर यांच्या हस्ते प्रकाशन करण्यात आले. १२ दर्जेदार कलावंतांची म्युजीकल ‘फिलिंग’ देणाऱ्या या सुमधुर गाण्यांवर चित्रित केलेले ऑडियो लवकरच प्रदर्शनाच्या वाटेवर आहेत. तरी, या अल्बमची झलक म्हणून भूषण प्रधान आणि प्राजक्ता माळी या देखण्या जोडीवर चित्रित केलेले प्रेमगीत लोकांसमोर सादर करण्यात आले आहे.

Karan Singh Grover to go on a recce for his travel show!

Karan Singh Grover is set to host a travel show and has started prepping up for the same.

The talented actor who returns to television after quite some time now is gearing up for the show. Along with the crew of his upcoming travel show, Karan has been finalising the locations and destinations that the show will be shot at.

A source informs, “Karan is extremely adventurous and likes to visit new places. He is fond of exploring different holiday destinations across the globe, and he is off for a recce to Europe. He is looking forward to explore different adventure sports in Europe.”
“He will be heading to the lesser-known and quieter exotic locations of Europe to research for the show,” adds the source.

Karan confirms, “I like exploring different places during my holidays. Even generally, going to a new place really fascinates me. I love to walk around, visit popular local sites, and try local food wherever I go. Since the theme of the show is exploring new places, I’m looking forward to it.”
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Marathi’s first Underwater song in Premay Namah!

Around Valentine’s Day a lot of romantic films get released. One such love story is in the offing in the form of Premay Namah! As the name suggests, though it’s a love story, it’s treatment in all the departments viz. story, direction, music, locations etc., is different than run of the mills love stories. In the history of Marathi Film industry the makers of the film have shot a romantic song Underwater. The said song’s lyrics ‘Zalo Bebhaan Mi’ are penned by Chandrashekhar Janawade and is composed by K. Sandipkumar-Chandrashekhar. Singers Shahzad and Pamela Jain have lent their sweet voice. All these composer-lyricist-singers combinations have resulted into a lilting romantic number which definitely will rock music charts. The music launch was done on the 6th of February 2017 at the hands of, marathi filmdom’s ‘Baaji’ and hindi film industry’s ‘Iqbal’, Shreyas Talpade and in the midst of entire cast and crew of Premay Namah and many celebrities from marathi film industry. Speaking on the occasion Shreyasji said ‘Marathi films have always been rich in content and performances. It’s heartening to witness marathi films’ progress in technical areas too. I’m highly impressed with Premay Namah’s Underwater song and wish the entire team great success’

Shahid Kapoor appointed Brand Ambassador For Eazy premium innerwear

Actor Shahid Kapoor launched the Eazy premium innerwear brand by Sirtex. The actor also posed for the shutterbugs by showing of his new innerwear.
In the media interaction that followed, the Udta Punjab actor spoke about his little munchkin, Misha. The actor recently shared a picture on instagram where he is holding little Misha in his arms. So today, when he was asked about when people will be able to see her, he excitedly said, “I will share a picture very soon, maybe sometime this month, maybe on my birthday or something. I will share it very soon. I am just waiting for a special moment to share it, but I will share it.I am actually introducing her to paparazzi. I will share her picture out and I will be happy to share it with everyone in any case but its just that no such occasion has happened. So yes, will be sharing it soon.”

As the brands name is Eazy, Shahid was also asked about the things which came easily in his life. And Shahid at his wittiest best replied, “(Smiles) Well, as a husband the baby came very easily in my life because I didn’t had to do much work to produce it! So yes Misha came easily for me but maybe not for Mira.”

Hrithik Roshan, Sonam Kapoor, Sajjan Jindal, Aditya Thakeray, Ajinkya Rahane and more received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Awards

– Hrithik Roshan received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Superstar

– Tiger Shroff received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Actor, Sonam Kapoor received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Actress

– Amruta Khanvilkar, Swapnil Joshi received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Reader’s Choice Awa and Sonali Bendre received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Icon

– Gautam Singhania received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Industrialist, Rana Kapoor received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Banker, Sangita and Sajjan Jindal received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Power Couple and Jai Shroff as Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish

– Aditya Thakeray received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Youth Icon

– Ajinkya Rahane received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Sportsperson

– Ashutosh Gowarikar and Sajid Nadiadwala received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Filmmakers

– Mallishka received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish RJ, Radhika Apte received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Crossover Icon, Atul Kasbekar received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Trendsetter, Priyanka Barve received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Theatre Personality, Shalmali Kholgade received Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish Singer

– An innovative award – Mithila Parkar – Lokmat Maharashtra’s Most Stylish – Rising Youtube Star

What’s Wedding Anniversary all about?

Kahani met her Prince Charming Nirbhay in Goa for the first time and fell in love. Journey together has been excellent and today is their first wedding anniversary. They want to celebrate their year-long togetherness and relive every moment. They have grand plans for this very special day. Kahani has already arrived in Goa… Nirbhay to follow. Kahani is ready with every possible thing that her Beau likes… But… Nirbhay has a lip smacking proposal… Four times rise in salary… Job satisfaction and a chance to live his dreams… He can’t reach for this special day… Celebrations can wait.
Kahani is broken… She can’t take it. How can Nirbhay do this! Nothing can be more important than their 1st Wedding Anniversary.
Now that the husband has not turned up. Will she undertake a journey with a stranger?

Watch out for Vikram Bhatt’s webseries

VB on web – a web channel of Vikram Bhatt was launched on eve of his birthday. The filmmaker unveiled poster of his 6 webseries -Maaya, Sarancore, Untouchables, Twisted, First Among Equals and Summer of Frost (directed by his daughter – Krishna bhatt)
Maaya features – Shama Sikandar, Vipul Gupta, Veer Aryan, Parina Chopra, Aaradhya Taing.
Sarancore features – Anita hasnandani, Aamir Ali, Tia Bajpai.
Twisted – Nia Sharma, Namit Khanna (directed by Anupam Saroj)
Untouchables- Vikram bhatt, Tara Alisha Berry
First among equals – Manit, Adnan,
Summer of frost – Sandeepa Dhar, Gautam Rhode