Pradeep Kumar – Meri Durga highlights the Indian education system and urges parents to recognize and encourage their child’s innate talent.

2017 has brought a lot of new shows across channels and the most promising amongst them is Star Plus’s ‘Meri Durga’. The show which went on air yesterday at 6:30 pm; portrays a beautiful father-daughter relationship on the lines of the recent Aamir Khan starrer mega blockbuster. The show has been produced by Paperback Films which has Ravindra Gautam and Pradeep Kumar as partners.

Pradeep Kumar of Paperback Films was born and bought up in Bettiah, Bihar and came to Mumbai to enter the Indian Navy but found his calling in content production. Starting at junior profile Pradeep quickly rose to the helm of production in a decade and headed production at Shakuntalam Telefilms since its inception. At Shakuntalam he steered the production of many daily soaps. He recently left Shakuntalam Telefilms to pursue his ambition of being a producer himself and thus Paperback Films was born.

Commenting on the occasion Pradeep said, “I was totally opposite the lead character Durga, I loved to read and study. I came to Mumbai to join Indian Navy but destiny had other plans for me. Never did I think that I would be a producer in my childhood days. I got introduced to Ravindra in 2012 and we hit off from there. In the year 2016 we were approved by Star Plus to produce the audio and video pilot for ‘Meri Durga’. It was a big year for us and we have worked very hard on bringing this show to life. I am hopeful that the audience likes and appreciates the show.”

As ‘Dangal’ continues to break all records at the Box Office; the same magic is expected to reflect in the TRP Charts with ‘Meri Durga’ as a school peon struggles to provide education to his daughter. However for Pradeep he says the true measure of success is; “Even if we are able to change the life of 1 girl through the show, I will think that we are successful. The show highlights the Indian education system and urges parents to recognize and encourage their child’s innate talent.” The show is based in Haryana – the state with the highest rate of female feticide; and a set has been created in a studio in Mumbai. “The noble father – daughter chemistry is what we portrayed in the promos on air currently. I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from, your dreams determine what you will become in future.” Says Pradeep as he signs off.

We also now believe in the same after meeting this successful producer who has emerged victorious through persistent hard work and his self-made journey of over 16 years from Bihar to the tinsel town; we wish him all the best for his venture.