Film-star Anil Kapoor becomes “Ambassador for Clean Air and Healthy Lungs” at NAPCON 2016


Anil Kapoor said at NAPCON 2016 ( “My gratitude to all of you for giving me this honour to be the Grand Ambassador for clean air and strong and clean lungs. Environment is the biggest issue around the world. I think the best and greatest ‘bank balance’ we can have in our lives is the ‘bank balance’ of good health. You may have all the money, power and success in the world but if you do not have good health, you are a very poor man.” Anil Kapoor appealed to NAPCON 2016 delegates that they must think many times before investing in cars, property, jewelry or expensive clothes but never think twice about investing in mental, physical and spiritual health of oneself and loved ones. “Every breath is precious” emphasized Anil Kapoor, calling for everyone to urgently prioritise clean air and lung health agenda.