What’s Colors TV new show Devanshi all about?


Highlighting the thin line between true faith and blind faith basis which many godmen and women in this country take unsuspecting people for a ride, Devanshi will focus on the larger thought of good versus evil drawing inspiration loosely from the age old tale of Krishna – Kansa. Devanshi is the story of how a twist of fate causes a new born baby’s destiny to become about defeating the evil Godwoman, Mata Kusum Sundari (played by Karuna Pandey), who rules big in the name of faith over the people of a fictitious town named Jwalapuri (in Haryana). When the young baby falls into the temple hundi accidentally, Mata Kusum Sundari in keeping with the customs of the temple, declares the baby to have become temple property and subsequently goes on to hand over the responsibility of raising the child to an infertile couple, Sarla (played by Ankita Sharma) and Omi (played by Pankaj Bhatia) who are the chief sevaks at the temple. Little does she know, however, that 7 years later, certain circumstances which are the result of her own past karmas will catapult the now grown up Devanshi (played by Kashvi Kothari) into being heralded as Ghungroo wali mayya ka avatar by the same people of the town who had made Mata Kusum Sundari god-like.