All about ‘Sanyukt’ – Zee TV’s new show

sanyukt zee

Capturing a common struggle that most families in India face at some point in their lives, ‘Sanyukt’ premieres on 6th September at 7 30 PM and will air every Monday to Friday, only on Zee TV.

The show follows the emotional journey of an elderly couple who endeavor to mend the fragmented relationships within their family, strengthen the bonds they share with their children and bring their family together under one roof. Meet senior citizens, Govardhan Bhai Mehta and Ila Govardhan Mehta, who stay in Mumbai. They believe they share a cordial relationship with their sons who do not stay with them, despite being in the same city. They decide to get their entire family to stay together and propose this idea to their sons and their families, hoping that they will readily agree. But to their utter dismay, their children do not agree to it!  This brings out in the open many issues that each of their children have against them and they shockingly realise that there is a lot of discord even between their children. What follows is a heartwarming journey of the parents to mend their broken family to become one big happy joint family.