Synopsis of Love Ke Funday

love ke funday

This story is about today’s youth’s point of view about relationship status just like the Face book and  Whatsapp status understands. Like they were changing the status when the mood changed, Love is just a game that they understand and want to play it in every way. And they have the same Funday and under
love is an extreme Sympathy and wattle Leads which is nothings else just a bed, But they forget that, what will happen when they really fall in love. They forget about the climax of that love game, what will happen when love will play with them. ARYAN is “BAKCHOUDI KI PATHSHALA ME PHD’ holder Casanova stud.
Who don’t believe in USELESS things like LOVE? He has one universal triple F formula that he uses to apply in his life. While one thing is very famous about SANDY that is ’ “EK USKE SATH DATE KARTI HAI,EK USKA WAIT KARTI HAI, EK USKO RATE KARTI HAI OR JO YEH SAB KUCHH KAR CHUKI HO WOH
One of Sandy 's date SONI meet ARYAN accidently who’s trying to find true love in this fake world of today. She literally impresses by him and accepts him as her love guru and slowly begins to love him. But Love as a word in Aryan’s dictionary does not exist. While sandy having a girlfriend (Annu) but he don’t
refrain Flirt with other Girls. While Annu contemplate meet in connection with MANAN for her career and attract towards him. And broke when lately founds him married. As parallel MANAN’S close friend Nikhil is entangled in reflection to balance his relationship with his girlfriend RIYA, RIYA”S collogue Sony share with
her new ideas and definitions of love that learned from ARYAN stocks of LOVE KE FUNDAY, and the Result : RIYA Breakup with NIKHIL and MANAN’S Extra marital relationship gives his married life got Disturbed with JASSI, Sandy found himself trapped in his own Flirt game, which funday he will use to apply
to escape from, While ARYAN finally first time feels his Real Love but now his love is dating with someone else and now it’s his call which formula of love ke funday resolve his problem.It’s all about how Everyone’s life in what way Messed up because all the way to each other are connected somewhere, then they have Realized difference between affection attraction and real love.
Finally it’s all about that who reaches their true love and whose relationship is takes up new turn.