Bollywood film review – ‘Buddha in Traffic Jam’


By Aryeman Raj

Rating – 3.5

Must watch for every Youngistan!

‘Buddha in Traffic Jam’ is an upcoming Socio-Political drama which deals with the situation of a young management student, Vikram Pandit, who finds himself in the midst of Maoists threat, while trying to work for the welfare of the tribal. The film is an awareness to strengthen the power of young upcoming entrepreneurs of our country. In the corporate jargon anyone with an idea or an enlightening person is a Buddha. Vivek Agnihotri feels all of us are Buddha’s. But the reason you cant become Buddha is because we are stuck within a traffic jam of the system and its establishment.


While most critics may pan the film for its approach to a political issue, I would stand by and support Vivek Agnihotri’s attempt to handle such a subject so effectively. His technique of using the storyline as chapters is unique and bang-on. Vivek comes out strong in making a boring subject to an interesting film.

It is a film which will appeal to the youngsters of today who have been through such situations during their college life.

Hats off to Vivek to give a cinematically brilliant film with good performances. Do watch the film which breaks all barriers and enlightens you to a perspective which you may be unaware of.