Gaurav Chopraa wants to be a cultural ambassador with his stint in Dancing with the stars

gaurav chopra

Gaurav Chopraa, who has already showcased his dancing prowess on Indian dance reality shows like Nach Baliye and Zara Nachke Dikhaa has been wowing the judges and his fans by hitting all the right steps clubbed with the perfect concept over the past two weeks. He is one of the most sought after television actors in our country who is now successfully making a mark with his effective performances week after week on an international stage through a global platform.

When asked about his journey so far, he said – ‘The journey so far has been a little exciting and it’s like a dream but ofcourse it has its own challenges. All this happened at the spur of the moment. As soon as I could, I said yes to them and I came but I was very late. They had already shot the promo for everyone else and it had been put on air so they actually shot a separate promo for me. They hired a plane and showed that I was coming in a separate plane in the end. This led to hardly any time being there for the first performance and we just sort of put together something. I even wore my own costume.’