“PURAB KI AAWAZ” a Hindi Biopic from Northeast, Film’s First look and Music released by KRK             


Mumbai,  “PURAB KI AAWAZ”, First look of a recent Biopic of a Female freedom fighter from Northeast  was unveiled by Actor-Producer Kamaal Rashid Khan (KRK) on Friday 20th May, at Carnival Cinema, Oshiwara. The film is set in 1942 with the narrative and message of today’s context of freedom.  Film is being released worldwide by leading distributor Mehmood Ali, Pen N Camera International on 5th August 2016.

 Details about film “PURAB KI AWAZ”

Hindi film “Purab Ki Awaj” is made on the life of India’s female freedom fighter Birangana Kanaklata, a martyr of Indian freedom struggle in 1942, under the banner of LPKG Film Production. Kanaklata had embraced martyrdom at the tender age of 16 years on 20th Sept 1942 for the love of her country. Indian freedom fighters like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Mangal Pandey and others are well known and popular in India as well as globally. The film is a brilliant presentation of the fearless and daring freedom fighter of Assam, Birangana Kanaklata, who had boldly faced the bullets of the police during the freedom struggle of India in 1942 and laid down her life for the country. LPKG Films Production had made an honest effort to make everyone aware about this brave heart from Assam by narration of her story in this movie.

Film is produced by Loknath Deka, written by Chandra Mudoi, ex-producer Jamal Ahmad Rao, Music by Dr.Hitesh Boruah, Ajay Phukan & Tapan Kakati, and choreography by Naba Kumar Das. Starring Nipon Goswami, Urmila Mahanta, Debasis Barthakur, Dr. Tapan Sharma, Monimara Bora, Rina Bora and many more.
LPKG Films Production has joint hand with biggest distribution company PEN n Camera International in Mumbai. Mehmood Ali, MD – Pen n Camera International is releasing the film “Purab ki Awaz” in large-scale worldwide more than 1000 screens, multiplexes as well as single screen theaters. Film will be released on 5th of August 2016.

When Vidya Balan entered a haunted house in Kolkatta!

vidya teen

On 10th June, the Power of Three will be unleashed as the formidable trio of exemplary actors in the shape of Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with Vidya Balan in a pivotal guest appearance will be seen together in Ribhu Dasgupta’s emotional thriller TE3N

Ribhu Dasguptas film starring Amitabh Bachchan Vidya and Nawazudding is definitely one exciting film to watch out for, specially thanks to its unusual cast!

Not only do the trio venture out into bold unchartered acting territories but we hear Vidya Balan is one unafraid cool cat offscreen too! A source close to the srt says shes extremely fascinated with ghosts and the supernatural and she even went to a haunted house while shooting for TE3N in Kolkatta!!

The source said that the crew was shooting at an abandoned jute mill, near which was an old dilapilated house which is rumoured to be haunted amongst the locals. While everyone else was quite hesitant to enter the house, Vidya boldly led the way and went inside to explore the house!!

Well more power to you Vidya!

Varun Dhawan sweats it out for the perfect body  

varun d

Varun Dhawan’s look from an introductory scene in Badrinath Ki Dulhania film and the actor plays a desi guy so he needs to look rustic and beefed up. “He had been working out with the look in mind after wrapping up Rohit Dhawan’s Dishoom. We needed to increase muscle mass so besides weight training I added more carbs in his diet, like brown rice and sweet potatoes, “ says Prashant his trainer who has been working with the actor since three years.

Prashant adds that Varun spends almost an hour-and-a-half every day in the gym. “He gets restless when he doesn’t work out. There are some action sequences that require some prep, “ says the celebrity trainer. Varun’s desi avatar also includes a pronounced North Indian accent on which he has been working for weeks now.

Nagesh Kukunoor’s Dhanak now releases on June 17th, 2016 

Nagesh Kukunoor’s internationally-acclaimed and much-awaited film ‘Dhanak’ will now release on June 17th. With ‘Dhanak’, the noted filmmaker completes his human-trilogy after his award-winning films ‘Dor’ and ‘Iqbal’, that captivated the hearts of the audiences with their simple yet heartwarming stories. With the touching emotional bond between a brother and sister at its core, ‘Dhanak’ too is an enchanting fable that reinforces the belief that life is beautiful.

Having garnered worldwide acclaim and several international awards, ‘Dhanak’, produced by Drishyam Films, revolves around the eight-year old visually-impaired boy Chotu and his 10-year-old sister Pari, who has promised her younger brother, that he will be able to see by the time he turns nine. Cheerful, spirited and cheeky, Chotu is the life of his small village in Rajasthan, while Pari is his eyes and his best friend. One fine day, Pari sees a poster of Shahrukh Khan (SRK) appealing to people to donate their eyes, and is convinced that her reel life hero can help her fulfil her promise to her brother. And so Pari sets out with Chotu on a magical road trip through Rajasthan where they encounter a motley bunch of characters.

Written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, ‘Dhanak’ stars Krrish Chhabria and Hetal Gada as the loveable siblings. Set to hit screens across India on June 17, the film will also have a simultaneous release in USA, Dubai and Singapore. Distributed by PVR Pictures, ‘Dhanak’ has been produced by Manish Mundra, Nagesh Kukunoor and Elahe Hiptoola.

 Trailer & Poster launch of Hindi Film “Project Marathwada” 

om puri film
Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions launch the Poster & Trailer of their Hindi film ” PROJECT MARATHWADA” in presence of cast & crew and media .The trailer showcases a very sensitive issue faced by nation today about farmer suicides.It captures the painful sentiments of the poverty stricken families and shows the extent to which these people are forced to budge.
Veteran actor “Om Puri” portrays the character of Tukaram in this film has been show cased as distressed farmer in the trailer,  whose conducting his son last rituals who commits suicide and is in hapless situation. Each moment highlights the grave loss and the helplessness of the people living in the village with zero hopes . But the twist in the story develops after ” Om Puri ” decides to end his life as he fails in all the attempts of getting any help from the corrupt system . The film also stars Seema Biswas,Govind Namdeo, Dilip Tahil, Farrah Kedar, Caroll, Kunal Seth , Rahul Patel.
 Film is Produced by Prakash Patel , Jigna Patel, Jay Prakash Patel 
Co-produced by Niraj Patel, Parful Patel, Sandip Patil, Sadiva Khan, Bhavin Wadia & Eagle Eye Entertainment.Written & Directed by Bhavin Wadia , DOP Archit Patel, Background Music Sanjoy Chowdhary.
Jairush Entertainment & Wadia Productions strongly believe that leveraging this issue on such a big platform will bring forth the true crisis situation of the farmers being faced in our nation and wake up the dormant government to help the fateful farmers of our nation .
The film is all set for Release on 3rd June, 2016 across India .

Celebs at Mod’Art International’s graduating Students Fashion Show

Mod’art held a fashion show for their graduating students, which enabled their design students to show their creativity and innovation through their runway garments.   Mod’art International offers a 3-year Degree course in Fashion Designing and Pattern Making.


Nishant Joshi (CMD, Mod’Art India) hosted this high voltage runway show, which showcased the talent of the aspiring student designers, and was choreographed by ENJAY Events.  He says, “I am very proud of all the students.  The show is a great platform for the third year students to showcase their talents and there is a lot of hard work and creativity put in this year.”


Guests seen applauding the students collections were Varuna D Jani, Amy Billimoria, Consul Genreal of Equador, Mr.Hector Cueva Jacome & his wife Maria Victoria Cardenas, Nidhi Munim, Nihaar Pandya ,Sophia Premji and more.

Actor Tanuj Virwani Gives Tip On “One Night Stand”

tanuj vir


Whenever you think of One Night Stand many questions starts arising in your mind. As one-night stand is taboo in our society and culture but we can’t go away the fact of our modernisation. Sex. Strangers. Intimacy. Awkwardness. Ecstasy these all take place when we think and talk about one-night stands.  But when we recently reported that Tanuj Virwani’s One-night Stand is an all time hyped story and it touched a nerve because it is with none other Bollywood hotty Sunny Leone. So we decided to get an expert Tanuj on the topic and asked him to break down the pros and cons of a one night stand. Tanuj says, ” A one-night stand can is all about fun and it’s your chance to go out wild for one night. it is a spontaneous sexual adventure without further commitment. With one-night stands, however, interactions are merely physical. Take my tips for one-night stands and run.”


So this, however, is the right way to go about it:


Where to Find your mate:


Parties, Marriages or hang out of a group of friends.  Especially that places that were female includes like vacations, holidays, birthday bashes and dance clubs.


Whom to select:


Find a girl who usually trying to be noticed. Women who want wants to have fun all night will be one to settle down with.


What Girls Wants:


Women like sex too, and you shouldn’t be deprived just because you have yet to meet your match.


Watch your first step:


If you want to call yourself a gentleman make it all clear all about the night before it all started whether you are going to in touch are else it’s just a fun matter to both of you.


Signal to start:


when she suggests—or agrees with your suggestion—that you go to another level. It can be mutual understanding for both of you as you are quite young enough to take your responsibilities.


Where to execute the plan:


The best place is to go to her place, not yours. She’ll be more comfortable and she can trust you as it’s her place.


The Exit plan:


When it’s time to go, just kiss on the cheek and a say the last message as you no longer going to be in touch with her. “I had a really fun time with you” is the perfect exit line. as it contains no promise or any future engagements.

Endemol, Reliance Entertainment & Blue Waters Motion Pictures in association with Sujoy Ghosh  to produce, market & distribute TE3N.



Endemol, Reliance Entertainment, Cinemaa, Kross Pictures and Blue Waters  Motion Pictures, have come together for “TE3N”, an emotional thriller starring Amitabh Bachchan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, with Vidya Balan in a pivotal guest appearance.

The film, which has Sujoy Ghosh as creative producer and Ribhu Dasgupta as its director, is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 10th, 2016.

Set in Kolkata, TE3N is about a crime that affects its three principal characters. Amitabh Bachchan is John Biswas, a grandfather on the relentless pursuit of justice since eight years. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is Father Martin Das, whose life was changed forever by the same crime that claimed the life of John’s granddaughter. Vidya Balan is Sarita Sarkar, the cop who swings into action when an identical crime is repeated eight years later. TE3N is the emotionally explosive journey of these three people, who find their fates intertwined in their quest for justice and redemption. Scripted by Suresh Nair and Bijesh Jayarajan, with dialogues by Ritesh Shah, the film has a stellar crew behind the scenes with cinematography by Tushar Kanti Ray, music by Clinton Cerejo and action Sham Kaushal .

TE3N releases worldwide , June 10, 2016.

Gaurav Chopraa wants to be a cultural ambassador with his stint in Dancing with the stars

gaurav chopra

Gaurav Chopraa, who has already showcased his dancing prowess on Indian dance reality shows like Nach Baliye and Zara Nachke Dikhaa has been wowing the judges and his fans by hitting all the right steps clubbed with the perfect concept over the past two weeks. He is one of the most sought after television actors in our country who is now successfully making a mark with his effective performances week after week on an international stage through a global platform.

When asked about his journey so far, he said – ‘The journey so far has been a little exciting and it’s like a dream but ofcourse it has its own challenges. All this happened at the spur of the moment. As soon as I could, I said yes to them and I came but I was very late. They had already shot the promo for everyone else and it had been put on air so they actually shot a separate promo for me. They hired a plane and showed that I was coming in a separate plane in the end. This led to hardly any time being there for the first performance and we just sort of put together something. I even wore my own costume.’

Poonam Dhillan , Bhagyashri at ‘Avassa’ organized by Society of Fashion Technology.


It was an evening to remember for fashionistas as budding fashion designers showcased their piece of work at the annual fashion event “Avassa ” organized by Society of Fashion Technology.

The participants showcased 13 themes like Golden Touch, Ferns & Petals, Dare to Care, Transform, Enchanting Philo-Sufi, Nuptial Bliss, Knight Riders, Armistice, Back to School, Two States, Hoodies Goes Desi & Pop Art. Designer Judge Sonia Mehra & grooming partner Avni Gandhi Varma shared their thoughts on the wonderful creation by the students.

The event came to an end with the awards ceremony appreciating the amazing work done by the team of Society of Fashion Technology.

Celebrities like Poonam Dhillon, Bhagyashree,  Anil Sharma, Gajendra Chouhan, Royal Dental’s Dr. Arun Chamria.,  Ram Jajodia &  Avni Gandhi Varma graced the occasion.

Roop Durgapal enters Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

roop duggal


The talented and gorgeous actor Roop Durgapal is all set to join the cast of Sony Entertainment Television’s Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi. The show which has many interesting twists lined up, will see a new turn in its storyline with Roop’s entry. The pretty actor will be seen essaying the character of a simple beautiful girl, Kareena, who will be smitten with the lead protagonist Dev aka Shaheer Sheikh.


Confirming the same Roop said, ‘‘Yes, I am entering Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi soon. The main reason why I accepted this role is because I’m getting a chance to play a positive character after a long time. Through this show, I will be able to showcase my versatility. Also, today the characters cannot be determined by the clothes they wear. Even though my look is of a modern girl in the show, she is very much traditional and positive at heart. It is unlike the roles I have played in the past. I am also looking forward to work with Supriya Pilgaonkar and Shaheer Sheikh.”


To know what new turn Dev and Sonakshi’s story will take with Kareena’s entry, stay tuned to Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi, Monday to Friday at 9:30pm only on Sony Entertainment Television

Actor Govinda inaugurated Sandip Soparrkar’s “3rd India Dance Week”

sandip sop

On special occasion of International dance day, Sandip Soparrkar in  association with Phoenix Market city Kurla, presents “India Dance week” season 3 which is happening on 29th and 30th April 2016.

Bollywood’s dancing king- Govinda was the esteemed chief guest who lit the auspicious inaugural lamp of “India Dance Week” on 29th April. He was also seen shaking a legs on his super hit song  “Aa Aa Eee Oo Ooo Mera Dil Na Todo” from the film Raja Babu. When he took to the stage and started to dance the crowed cheered and demanded to see his iconic moves, which he obliged to everyone’s delight.

The Event kick started with the Ganesh Vandana performed by Uma Rele’s Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyala student. Followed by mentally challenged people of NGO Advitya dancing along with  actress Vandana Sajnani and Smilie Suri who spoke about dance being for everyone be it normal, special or differently abled.