Sunny inspired by MTV Girls On Top

sunny girls on top


There’s nothing that can stop a girl who has her sights set on the stars or the moon. Following their ambitions Gia, Revati and Isha have been overcoming every obstacle in their path to achieve their goals in MTV Girls On Top. The hardships at every step of the way in this cutthroat world hasn’t dampened their spirits, as they continue to march on. But nothing comes easy for the girls, especially with the prejudice prevailing in society even today. Inspired by the unshakable spirit of the Gia, Revati and Isha, Sunny Leone visited MTV Girls On Top set to applaud the girls on their fierce tenacity.


Sunny is an ardent fan of MTV Girls On Top and has been regularly following the show. On visiting the sets of MTV Girls On Top, Sunny Leone said, “It feels great to be around these girls. Their energy is contagious. MTV Girls On Top has been successful in inspiring the new generation of women and I am totally enthused about being a part of the show. All three girls are playing equally dynamic and diverse characters. It is amazing to see MTV bringing a show that highlights strong and independent women who we’ve all come to admire and respect.”


MTV Girls on Top celebrates women in all their glory demonstrating the fact that girls are equals if not better than boys, regardless of the avenue or platform.


More power to you Sunny!