Karan Kundra furious with Prince Narula in Renault MTV Roadies X4

karan kundra


This season of Roadies is turning out to extremely intense and competitive. Gang leaders have been employing complex strategies to surpass the twists and turns that come their way in order to win. With gang leaders participating and gunning for victory along with the gang members in Renault MTV Roadies X4, things turned out to be a bit ugly between Karan Kundra and the rest of the leaders. In the upcoming episode of Renault MTV Roadies X4, gang leader, Karan Kundra was faced with an uneasy situation wherein the decision of the other gang members took a toll on him and his gang.


As the contestants geared up for an immunity task, Rannvijay and Neha took the decision of giving Prince Narula the leverage of performing the task over Karan. Being the youngest, Prince derived the benefit of performing the task first, leaving Karan extremely furious because of Neha and Rannvijay’s bias towards Prince. Karan retorted angrily and said that Neha and Rannvijay were extremely unfair and unprofessional. Karan was upset to an extent that he could not concentrate on the immunity task and his fury harmed him in more ways than one.


A source close to the set said, “ Karan was fuming with rage. We have never seen him so upset. It was definitely unfair when Neha and Rannvijay gave Prince the leverage of performing the task over Karan.”